Insamlat mat- och restavfall, kg/person. 178. 2. 2019. Insamlat farligt avfall (inkl. elavfall och batterier), kg/person. 20. 3. 2019. Insamlat förpackningar och 


Allmänt sett behövs en LEI kod av varje juridisk person vars verksamhet innefattar finansiella transaktioner. De är gratis och tillgängliga från deras dataset 

To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest person dataset for bbox-based detection currently available (see Table 1). ALERT Airport Re-Identification Dataset. As part of the ALERT video analytics effort, researchers at Northeastern University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute developed an annotated dataset that accurately reflects the real-world person re-identification problem. This dataset includes 502,529 persons in Wikipedia. The person graph is extracted from DBpedia 2014, and represented as RDF triples, including their categories. Another person JSON document is crawled from Wikipedia by its API, containing the people's image url. Complete Data Statistics: 2018-07-01 · Similar to PRW dataset, the person search dataset is large scale dataset with full frame access and large amount of labeled bounding boxes.

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The research is described in detail in CVPR 2005 paper  This person re-identification dataset was collected at the Winstun Chung Hall of UC Riverside. It is a 4 camera dataset with 2 indoor and 2 outdoor cameras. JPL First-Person Interaction dataset (JPL-Interaction dataset) is composed of human activity videos taken from a first-person viewpoint. The dataset particularly   The VIRAT Video Dataset is designed to be realistic, natural and challenging for and human activity/event categories than existing action recognition datasets. Dataset. Note: To access the person reid datasets, please send mail to Prof. Zhang to get the download link.) LS-VID dataset for video person re-id.

Since there is no existing person dataset supporting this new research direction, we propose a large-scale person description dataset with language annotations on detailed information of person images from various sources.

This dataset is another one for image classification. It consists of 60,000 images of 10 classes (each class is represented as a row in the above image). In total, there are 50,000 training images and 10,000 test images.

Description: This dataset includes 502,529 persons in Wikipedia. The person graph is extracted from DBpedia 2014, and represented as RDF triples, including their categories. Another person JSON document is crawled from Wikipedia by its API, containing …

Titeln och beskrivningen av detta dataset är maskinöversatt.

Occlusion-Person Dataset Overview. This dataset is part our work AdaFuse: Adaptive Multiview Fusion for Accurate Human Pose Estimation in the Wild which is published on IJCV. The paper is available at (arXiv:2010.13302). Fig 1 Human models we used in Occlusion-Person The pose estimation problem belongs to a category of rather complex problems. Building a suitable dataset for neural network models is hard. Every joint of every person in the image has to be located and tagged.
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>2 hours raw videos, 32,823 labelled frames,132,034 object instances. INRIA Person Dataset Only upright persons (with person height > 100) are marked in each image. Annotations may not be right; in particular at times portions of annotated bounding boxes may be outside or inside the This dataset is another one for image classification.

Upphovsrätten till data i sig kan ägas av den som skapat text och bild Upplysning som direkt eller indirekt kan kopplas till identifierbar person. Description · Contact person · Access Dataset · Research output · CoDeRooMor: A new dataset for non-inflectional morphology studies of Swedish. Hushåll i Helsingfors 2004- efter storlek, husshålets äldste person och distrikt harvest uppdaterade dataset Helsingin asuntokunnat koon ja vanhimman  any person who performed legal, medical, accounting, engineering or any other professional, technical or consultant service to such department, commission,  Dataset.
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A Benchmark for Detecting Human in a Crowd. Shuai Shao*, Zijian Zhao*, Boxun Li, Tete Xiao, Gang Yu, Xiangyu Zhang, Jian Sun.

INRIA Dataset 是一个行人检测数据集,其图片库被分为只有车、只有人、有车有人和无车无人四个类别,其中正样本为 PNG 格式,负样本为 JPG 格式,该数据集包含具有相应注释文件的原始图像和标准化格式图像两类。 […] A recent paper [1] argues that current pedestrian detection performance lags that of an attentive human by an order of magnitude. How can this performance gap  The Gallagher Collection Person Dataset Most face recognition databases contain images of faces shot under lab conditions. My collection is a set of typical   25 Sep 2019 As shown in Table I, the Caltech-USA and KITTI datasets have less than one person per image, while the CityPersons dataset has ∼ 7 persons  6 Apr 2020 available datasets are exclusively suitable for the pedestrian tection, Object Tracking, Person Re-identification, Person Search.

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The HDA dataset is a multi-camera high-resolution image sequence dataset for research on high-definition surveillance. 18 cameras (including VGA, HD and Full HD resolution) were recorded simultaneously during 30 minutes in a typical indoor office scenario at a busy hour (lunch time) involving more than 80 persons.

Flowers: Dataset of images of flowers commonly found in the UK consisting of 102 different categories. Each flower class consists of between 40 and 258 images with different pose and light variations.

Dataset Overview 1. Overview. Look into Person (LIP) is a new large-scale dataset, focus on semantic understanding of person. Following are the detailed descriptions. 1.1 Volume. The dataset contains 50,000 images with elaborated pixel-wise annotations with 19 semantic human part labels and 2D human poses with 16 key points. 1.2 Diversity

The dataset particularly aims to provide first-person videos of interaction-level activities, recording how things visually look from the perspective (i.e., viewpoint) of a person/robot participating in such physical interactions. 2018-11-19 · Multi-modal person identification is a more promising way that we can jointly utilize face, head, body, audio features, and so on. In this paper, we introduce iQIYI-VID, the largest video dataset for multi-modal person identification.

The research is described in detail in CVPR 2005 paper  COCAS: A Large-Scale Clothes Changing Person Dataset for Re-identification. Shijie Yu∗1,2, Shihua Li∗3, Dapeng Chen1, Rui Zhao1, Junjie Yan1, and Yu  We introduce CityPersons, a new set of high quality bounding box annotations for pedestrian detection on the. Cityscapes dataset (train, validation, and test sets).